Saturday, December 13, 2008

An Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore stars in a documentary about his slideshow
he uses try and reach people with his message on global warming.

I'm leaving out my rating scales I usually put at the top and bottom of the review because they really don't apply to a documentary.

This is a film that everyone should see, not because Al Gore is completely correct in everything he says, nor because I want everyone to his apparent stupidity. This film supports a side of an issue that has somewhat dropped from public debate lately but should be really important to Americans, Global Warming. This issue should be important whether you believe its happening or not. If you believe global warming is happening you should fiercely voice for change. If you believe the inverse you should loudly voice that we not put in place costly legislation. Which ever side you are on you should listen to every perspective on the issue and this movie is a fairly decent representation of the more"left" side view of the issue.

There are some issues with the movie. The movie is unabashedly one sided. This was to be expected though considering that it was meant to promote a particular side of the argument. Also those expecting an explosion of facts and statistics in the movie will be a little disappointed. Al Gore does present facts and quotes in the movie but those figures and charts will leave you asking lots of questions that he does not try to answer in this movie.

On the movie's official site the same facts from the movie are represented and they ask for your action to curve global warming. Brad MacDonald would like to present a counter view to an Inconvenient truth at

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